Black and white vintage image of Four Butchers van from “date here”

Our Story

Feeding families for generations

Our story is a simple one. Four brothers. Four butchers. One butcher shop. And a passion for keeping things simple and full of goodness.

What The Four Butchers started over 70 years ago in an effort to provide wholesome, good-quality food for their family still lives on today. We’re here to feed your family, too.


We know the best things are the simple things. When it comes to feeding families, it’s all about getting everyday, no-fuss, delicious food onto all tables.

People riding Horses in field of cows


The quality of our 100% Aussie beef starts with our ranchers. Every one of our carefully selected ranchers give their all to the cattle they raise, sharing the same care, compassion, and respect for both the animals and the land that we do.
We’ve built strong, long-term and personal relationships with our ranchers, proudly working with some of the same families for generations. We work with Aussie ranchers who are committed to nurturing and raising their cattle to the highest welfare standards, and in environments where they are free to roam and graze on natural pastures.  

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